The Hear Me Out Monologues pursuit of Audience

It’s been a year and a half since that day in March when suddenly we understood (or almost did) that audiences could not gather under one roof without putting our lives at risk. …

It’s too easy to feel like the world has started spinning again with us not yet quite on it.

Lately, I feel the things I don’t know threatening to overtake the things I know for sure. (And please don’t ask me about the Rumsfeldian unknown-unknowns. For those you must consult my closest friends and family.)

I have no clue how we’re coming out of Pandemic Pause. Though I did…

Hear Me Out Monologue Competition 2021 is Open. Submissions Are Pouring In. Where’s Yours?

Last Spring as the possibility that CoViD19 lockdown might eat up more than a month of 2020 turned gently into probability, then undeniable certainty, I noticed something interesting. Those of us who have a hand in the creation of film and theatre — of entertainment in the form of stories…

Some advice to all of you who have stories to tell, art to make for the world and hope to stay sane and healthy while creating for a world that often seems oblivious and indifferent.

Photo by Pim Chu on Unsplash

If you stick with this artistic life long enough (and by that I mean years, not months) you will come to recognize that the act of making stuff up to share with the world is frequently cluttered with dashed hopes, disappointment (in others sure, but also in oneself) and days…

Roland Tec

Filmmaker, Composer, Playwright, Producer, Teacher and Provocateur. I’m thrilled by new work, regardless of whether or not I made it. HearMeOutMonologues

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